Our Story

As I always had the fear of being average, that’s why I wanted to start something on my own. I was in a mediocre environment and I was scared that I may end up getting a life where I’ll be paid less in the future for whatever I do by being around a mediocre environment. Right now my parents are looking after me for great food, fuel cost, and travel expenses as I’m still studying in college. But I was in a thought process that will I be able to taste great food in top-notch restaurants as I’m a food lover and will I be able to travel somewhere in the future whenever I need to??

I have seen my dad working hard to come up with respect to financial status. That’s why I decided not to allow him to struggle anymore in the future that means my dad should be able to retire by the time I’m out of college. In between all these thought processes, I went to a business mentor who is the Founder of few good companies. He himself had failed and he could understand my situation and intentions of starting something on my own.

He helped me with idea implementation and made me take market research on the idea which I had at first. I was open and coachable with him, that’s the reason why I realized some ideas of mine are just not enough to build a working business model and get me good revenue. Then I failed early. You heard it right, I FAILED EARLY. Being with him, I attended screening sessions of other start-ups. They use to meet the mentors like how I use to do and during that meeting, I had a greater opportunity to listen about the reality things in business. I also had an agreement to pay him a minimal amount per month what I could offer. I paid him through Paytm for the first month without even taking a second chance about it.

As a result of that, I was a part of the screening process for more than 50 start-ups and I was positioned as an Investment associate at a funding platform company for start-ups during September 2019. I was sitting beside investors to see how investors use to think and decide about funding for any start up. I’m also a core committee member in one of the networking organization based in Bangalore. I realize that the things which have taken me from point A to B will not take me from point B to C. That’s the reason why I started attending top networking meetups in Bangalore and took other high-end business, mind-set, stock market training by traveling to other parts of India. I kept learning and investing in myself as I believed in constant learning.

After all these, I was no longer scared about the problems and thought processes I had on myself.